XRP20: Could This New Project 100X This Year?

• Uniswap’s UNI token has seen a +15% surge after the Curve exploit incident, prompting investors to rotate capital into DEX projects.
• Despite the impressive rally, UNI is facing a tough risk: reward profile as risk dominates price structure.
• XRP20 is emerging as the next big play in the space with its proof of stake Ethereum token engineered to emulate Ripple’s philosophy and tokenomics.

Uniswap’s UNI Token Sees +15% Surge After Curve Exploit Incident

Uniswap’s native governance token UNI has seen an impressive surge of +15% in response to a serious exploit incident which saw Curve pools lose more than $47m to crypto thieves. Investors are now rotating their capital away from DeFi protocols and into DEX projects like Uniswap – fuelling this dramatic price move.

UNI Price Analysis: How Long Will Uniswap’s Pump Last?

Price action triggered by Curve’s smart contract exploit has left Uniswap in strong form, with UNI currently trading at $6.30 (a 24-hour change of -5.64%) as a retracement move unfolds. The past two months have seen UNI climb up +72%, with local support sitting at the 20DMA ($6.04) and a strong resistance zone emerging at $5.75 which converges with the 200DMA. The RSI is signalling bearish divergence at an over-bought 59, however MACD is reflecting bullish divergence following the recent upside swing at 0.029 which highlights further potential for upside price action here despite current risks outweighing rewards (0.65).

Is it Too Late to Buy Uniswap?

It could be considered too late to buy Uniswap now as risk outweighs reward on all fronts, however smart capital has already begun rotating out of this pump and into XRP20 instead – presenting huge potential for gains this year if momentum continues rising in its favour.

Introducing XRP20: A Distinctive Proof of Stake Ethereum Token

XRP20 is a distinctive proof of stake Ethereum token engineered to emulate Ripple’s philosophy and tokenomics but with particular focus on retail investors, providing them with greater access to offerings related to Ripple without having any direct affiliation or contracts with Ripple itself – making it easier for them to benefit from its success without being exposed to any legal issues that may arise between Ripple and SEC/CFTC rulings regarding their use of XRP tokens.

XRP20 Could 100x This Year – Here’s Why

With continuing uncertainty surrounding Ripple vs SEC rulings, XRP20 presents itself as an exciting opportunity for investors seeking exposure outside of DeFi protocols who don’t want to take on unnecessary risks associated with investing in traditional tokens like XRP directly; allowing them access to offerings related but not affiliated with Ripple while simultaneously protecting their investments by avoiding legal hurdles posed by SEC/CFTC regulations – setting up conditions for massive returns if momentum continues rising throughout 2021 given that it has only just been launched onto exchanges this month!